If you are a developer who is looking to easily add provenance to their data, this section is for you.
You may be building a new application or looking for a way to add functionality to something that you already use every day.

The DataTrails REST API, python SDK, or the YAML runner provide a simple way for you to integrate a provenance layer into your existing data platform so that you do not need to change the way that your users work.

Check out the sub-sections below for more information!

Developer Patterns

Go here for information on setting up an App Registration, requesting an Access Token together with other developer concepts and user profile descriptions.

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API Reference

The DataTrails REST API endpoint examples and definitions can be found here. The DataTrails Web interface also contains an interactive Swagger reference for developers.

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YAML Runner Reference

The YAML reference contains information and examples for those who work with YAML files and would prefer to use this method to access the API.

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Additional resources are available from our Python SDK and the Python Samples.