Caps API

Caps API Reference

Note: This page is primarily intended for developers who will be writing applications that will use DataTrails for provenance. If you are looking for a simple way to test our API you might prefer our Postman collection, the YAML runner or the Developers section of the web UI.

Additional YAML examples can be found in the articles in the Overview section.

Caps API Examples

The Caps API enables you to check the resource limits remaining under your Tenancy subscription.

Retrieve a Cap

Retrieve the number of remaining Access Policies:

curl -g -v -X GET \
     -H "@$HOME/.datatrails/bearer-token.txt" \

The response is:

    "caps": [
            "resource_type": "AccessPolicies",
            "resource_remaining": "6"

These are the available values for “?service=”:

  • access_policies
  • applications
  • assets
  • blobs
  • compliance_policies
  • locations
  • tenancies/users

Caps OpenAPI Docs

API providing caps data for DataTrails APIs

get  /archivist/v1/caps/archivist/v1/caps

Returns caps for the given resource

Description: Returns caps for the given resource

200A successful response.
401Returned when the user is not authenticated to the system.
403Returned when the user is not authorized to access the resource.
429Returned when a user exceeds their subscription’s rate limit for requests.