Dropbox Integration

The Dropbox Integration

Connecting your DataTrails tenancy to your Dropbox account will allow you to automatically record and maintain the provenance metadata of your files in an immutable Audit Trail.

DataTrails uses transparent and auditable distributed ledger technology to maintain an immutable trail of provenance metadata independent of, but in concert with, the original file in Dropbox. The original data never enters the DataTrails system and remains on Dropbox. The provenance metadata that is recorded in the immutable audit trail can be shared and verified globally completely independently of the data itself. This increases the scope for efficient and transparent collaboration without changing the risk profile of the data.

During the set up process you will select which Dropbox folders will be linked to DataTrails. A provenance metatdata record will be created on your DataTrails tenancy for every file found within a linked folder. It will be created as a Document Profile Asset which can be verified using Instaproof.

From then on, each time a new file is created in a linked folder, a corresponding provenance metadata record will be created on DataTrails. Any modifications to a file in a linked folder will be recorded as a Publish Event in the provenance metadata record for that file.
The result is that the auditable provenance record for your files begins at the moment that you link a folder and that an immutable audit trail for each file automatically grows as the files are modified.

You are free, at any time, to link and unlink a folder at all levels of your folder tree using the instructions at Editing the list of Linked folders

Please also see our FAQ for more information.

Note: During configuration, when you link a folder in the UI we will automatically link any subfolders too. Similarly, if you unlink a folder in the UI we will automatically unlink any subfolders.

If you create a subfolder in Dropbox after the integration has been set up it will be automatically added to the linked folder list. If you delete a subfolder or move it to an unlinked location it will be automatically removed from the linked folder list.

If a folder is unlinked for any reason, such by as direct configuration or by being moved, the Audit Trail will stop. Relinking the folder will restart the Audit Trail but we cannot recover any Events that happened while the folder was unlinked.

Note: DataTrails masks the file path and replaces the filename with the Asset ID in the public Asset view that is returned by Instaproof. This is intentional so that private information cannot be accidentally released via the Instaproof search results.
Knowledge of the filename is not needed to prove provenance because Instaproof will attest and verify the content of a file even if the filename has been changed.
The permissioned view that is seen by an administrator who is logged into a tenancy will show the file name and the file path.

Connecting DataTrails to Dropbox

  1. Select Settings or Integrations from the side bar and then the Integrations tab
  2. Select Dropbox and then Proceed.
    If you are already logged into Dropbox on the device that you are using to set up the integration then you will proceed directly to step 3.
    If you are not logged in then Dropbox will ask you to authenticate.
    Log in to Dropbox
  3. DataTrails now asks for permission to see metadata for your files and folders. Click Allow to give DataTrails permission to access your Dropbox Folders.
    Select Allow
  4. Select the Dropbox folder that you wish to link to DataTrails and then click Confirm. The contents of this folder and all its subfolders will be added to DataTrails as public Document Profile Assets.
    Select folder and Confirm
  5. You will see a success message. Dropbox will be connected and the selected folders will be linked.
    Click on an icon on the right to edit the connection or to disconnect.
    Configuration icons on the right
  6. Check the Asset Overview to see your Dropbox files.
    Remember: The filenames of the Dropbox files are masked using the format xxx…

Editing the list of Linked folders

  1. Select the File icon in DataTrails
    File icon on the right
  2. You will see the list of available folders. Select a folder to link or deselect a folder to unlink and then click Confirm
    Reconfigure folders and Confirm

Disconnecting DataTrails from Dropbox

To disconnect DataTrails and Dropbox you have the option to disconnect using both applications.

  1. Select the Disconnect icon in DataTrails
    Disconnect Dropbox
    You will see a warning message.
    Disconnect Warning
    This means that this specific tenancy will no longer be used for provenance. You would do this if you no longer want to use a connected tenancy while continuing to use other connected tenancies.
  2. If you also want to disconnect in Dropbox, log in to Dropbox, select your account and then Settings followed by the Apps tab. Select DataTrails and then Disconnect
    Disconnect DataTrails
    You would disconnect in Dropbox if you no longer wish to use DataTrails for provenance. This will remove access permissions for all your tenancies and should be done after you have disconnected all your individual tenancies in DataTrails.

This is how to connect and disconnect DataTrails and Dropbox, it is that simple! Please see our FAQ for more information.