Welcome to DataTrails

DataTrails provides Provenance as a Service that continuously proves Who Did What When to any data asset.

DataTrails enables enterprises to build trust in multi-party Assets, including software, devices, and media ensuring processes are fit for purpose to comply with IT controls, corporate policies, and government regulations.

DataTrails permanently records shared Asset evidence to bring the right level of trust in data for faster, confident decisions with lower business risk by:

Metadata Governance - Empower the right people in organizations to set, enforce, and execute complex data sharing policies.

Authenticated Provenance - Deliver full traceability on all internal and external data sources to speed and assure digital decisions.

Continuous Accountability - Instantly auditable evidence “Proves Who Did What When” for any shared Asset to delight your GRC team.

Persistent Integrity - Create a complete, unbroken, and permanent record of shared Event transactions, delivering continuous assurance for faster digital decisions.

DataTrails delivers assured metadata in a single line of code and makes recording and auditing the full lifecycle of an Asset simple: any authorized participant (including an agent or endpoint on a connected device) can register the Events they know about, from which all participants can see a relevant aggregate picture of the Asset’s maintenance and operational history. By understanding Who Did What When, human actors and software/AI systems can make stronger real-time judgments about the trustworthiness of a device and the data it produces.